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Darebin Council Elections 2020 - Voting Suggestions

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

For a longer discussion of the field check out my Voter Guide, which includes a more detailed rationale for my suggestions, and also the full list of candidates and their political alignments here:

The following suggestions are informed by my strong belief that elected councillors should find ways to work together, in the community interest, for a strong and progressive council.

I am making only one or two suggestions per ward, plus my view on who to put last. The list is in this order: Northern Wards, Central Wards, Southern Wards. Remember to number every box.

Happy voting everyone, and thanks for reading my blog!

North West Ward

Vote [1] for Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins (Reason)

Put last: Sofia Kotanidis (Labor Members for Darebin) has made many offensive statements criticising halal food which is inconsistent with her profile as a leader in multicultural communities.

North East Ward

Vote [1] for Bryony Edwards (Save the Planet)

Put last: Incumbent councillor, Tim Laurence (Labor Members for Darebin) has been a divisive figure throughout his term on council. Benefits from three feeder candidates: K. Singh, G. Chiminello, L. Tair.

North Central Ward

Vote [1] for one of these candidates:

Put last: Incumbent councillor, Julie Williams (Labor Members for Darebin) has shown a lack of engagement with the community and has been a poor contributor to council debate. Benefits from at least two feeder candidates, B. Pascuzzi & M. Triantafillidis.

West Ward

Vote [1] for Incumbent councillor, Susanne Newton (Greens)

Put last: Samuel Fontana (Independent) who benefits from feeder candidate J. Mercuri, who was also a feeder candidate for supported ALP candidates in 2016.

Central Ward

Vote [1] for one of these candidates:

Put last: No recommendation.

South West Ward

Vote [1] for Incumbent councillor, Trent McCarthy (Greens)

Put last: Brian Sangahan (Independent) for “unruly, belligerent and disrespectful behaviour” in council meetings (3 July 2017, MINUTE NO. 17-243). After repeated infractions he was banned from from the public gallery.

South Central Ward

Vote [1] for one of these candidates:

Put last: Ash Verma (Labor Members for Darebin) is benefitting from feeder candidate, R. Dabscheck, who was also his feeder in 2016. In 2016 Ash Verma used the photo of a rival candidate and her daughter without permission on his election material. One of his current fliers has also been criticised for unapproved content.

South East Ward

Vote [1] for Julie O’Brien (Greens)

Put last: Former councillor, Oliver Walsh (Independent - Liberal Party member) reportedly had issues around whether there was a “recognised genocide” of Aboriginal Peoples. In an unrelated incident, he made an offensive social media post about then Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Hon. Natalie Hutchins, which she Tweeted. His position as Deputy Mayor was subsequently abolished by a decision of council.

South Ward

Vote [1] for one of the following candidates:

Put last: No recommendation

Photo credit: Terry Mason

Note: "Feeder candidate" is my personal opinion and is, in part, determined by preferences on candidate statements lodged with the VEC and on how-to-vote fliers. Feeder candidates do not disclose their political alignment.

Authorised by Serena O’Meley, PO Box 75, Kingsbury VIC 3083

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