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"Darebin Greens are a branch of the Australian Greens Victoria. We foster proactive political and social change, the Greens aim to instil a long legacy of making a difference in the community."

"Darebin deserves councillors who will stand up for people before profits, for local needs ahead of developer greed, and for improved local services, green spaces, support and amenities for all. The current crisis will put politics as usual to the test."

"We are Members of the Labor Party running for council in the City of Darebin elections this October 2020. We are standing up for all residents to make a difference in our community."

"As our communities look to rebuild in a post Covid world, our candidates will be bringing an empathetic and evidence based approach to our councils, with platforms focussing on urgent climate action; investment in community services; accessible shared spaces for all; small business recovery; appropriate, sustainable development; and government transparency & accountability."

"Save the Planet is 100% focused on delivering the needed solutions that will give us the best chance of reversing global warming and avoiding a climate catastrophe. 

For this election our candidates are focused on getting Victorian Councils to undertaking a climate emergency mobilisation." 

"The Liberal Democrats stand for greater freedom, smaller government and personal responsibility."

Political Parties 2020: List
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